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XWH-225 0.225m³VOC Emissions Environmental Testing Chamber

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1.Scope of Application
   This product is used to detect the formaldehyde emissions of wood-based panel, toys, textile etc. light industry products.
ASTM D 5116-97
《Standard  Guide  for Testing Organic Emissions From Indoor Materials and Products in  Small-Scale Environmental Chamber Determinations》
ASTM D 6330-98
《 Standard Practice for Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds (Excluding Formaldehyde) Emissions from Wood-Based Panels Using Small Environmental Chambers Under Defined Test Conditions》
ASTM D6007—02
《Standard Test Method for Determining Formaldehyde Concentrations in Air from Wood Products Using a Small-Scale Chamber1
EN 717—1    
 《Wood-based panels-Determination of Formaldehyde Release》
 Part1: Formaldehyde Emission by the Chamber Method
 《Construction-Products Determination of VOCs Release》

3.Technical Parameters
Items Technical Parameters
Volume 225L
Temperature Range (15—30)℃       (Error Tolerance±0.5℃)
Humidity Range (30—80)%R.H.    (Error Tolerance:±3%R.H. )
Exchange Rate (0.2-2)pcs/h  (Accuracy 0.05pcs/h)
Air flow rate (0.1—0.3)m/s   (Continuous Adjustment)
Tightness 1KPa,Leak Rate< 3% Of Gas Flow
Dimension (W960×D1500×H1460)mm
Power Supply 220V   16A   50HZ
Power Maximum Power:3KW ,Average Power:1.5KW
4.Working Environment
       a) Temperature: 15~25℃;
       b) Pressure: 86~ 106kPa
       c) Without strong vibration
       d) Without powerful magnetic field
       e) Without High concentration of dust and corrosive materials
②Power    power supply:220±22V,Frequency:50±0.5Hz,Current≥16A
③Water Supply   temperature≤30℃ distilled water
④The equipment should be well ventilated (distance from the well at least is 0.5m)

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