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QCH-2D Gas Analysis Method Wood-based Panel Formaldehyde Tester (Double Air Chamber)

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1.Scope of Application
      This product is suitable for harmful substances emission and sample from indoor decorating and refurbishing materials, such as wood-based panel and finishing products, wooden furnitures and carpet, carpet lining, carpet adhesive etc.
This product can detect the formaldehyde emission within 4 hours, have high detection precision, high speed, strong anti-interference etc. features.
At precent, this product was widely used in research institute of wood-based panel,Quality supervision and inspection section and wood-based panel manufacture…
2. Standards
《Wood-based panels-Determination of formaldehyde release》
Part 2: Formaldehyde release by the gas analysis method
《Wood-based panels—Determination of formaldehyde release—Gas analysis method》
《Medium denisity fibreboard》
3.Technical Parameters
Project Technical Parameters
Volume 4017mL
Quantity of Air Chamber 2 pcs
Temperature 60°C±0.5°C
Dew Point Temperature -6℃
Humidity ≤3%R.H
Air Velocity (60±3)L/h
Tightness 1Kpa,Leak rate<1% of Gas flow
External Dimension 800 mm×700 mm×1500mm (L×W×G)
Power 220V   5A
Weight 85KGS


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