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QWH-1000A Computer-controlled Formaldhyde 1m³ Environmental Testing Chamber

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1. Scope of Application
    This product is suitable for a variety of indoor decoration, such as artificial board, composite wooden floor and carpet, carpet lining, carpet adhesive etc.
    This product is using for detemination of formaldehyde released, constant temperature and humidity balance processing of wooden or artificial board, also be used in detecting of volatile harmful gas in other building materials. Biggest characteristic is that the product can maximum simulated indoor climate environment, test results closer to the real environment, so the results is more realistic and reliable.
《Formaldehyde Emission Quantity Of Artificial Board and its finishing products》
《The Harmful Material Limit Of Wood Furniture》
《The Harmfur Material Limit Of Carpet,Carpet Lining And Carpet Adhesive etc.Indoor Decoration Materials》
《The Physical And Chemical Properties Experiment Method Of artificial Board And Veneer Artificial Board》
 GB50325—2006 《Code For Indoor Environmental Pollution Control Of Civil Building Engineering 》
《Measure Method For Formaldehyde Release in Artificial Board》
ASTM D6007—02
《Standard Test Method For Determining Formaldehyde Concentrations In  Air From Wood Products Using A Small-Scale Chamber》
《The Climate Chamber For Determination Of Formaldehyde Emission》
3.Technical Parameter
Project Technical Data
Inner Volume (1±0.02)m3
Inner Temperature Range (15—40)℃       (Temperature Departure±0.5℃)
Inner Humidity Range (30—80)%R.H.    (Adjustment Precision:±3%R.H. )
Replacement Rate (0.5-1.5)Pcs/Hour  (Precision0.05 Pcs/h)
Air Velocity (0.1—0.3)m/s   (Continuous Adjustment)
Pumping Speed Of Sampler (0.1—1.5)L/min  (Precision Of Adjustment:±5%)
Tightness 1KPa Pressure,Leak Rate< 3% Of Gas Flow
External Dimension (W960×D1500×H1460)mm
Power 220V   16A   50HZ
Power Supply Rated Power:3KW ,Service Rating:1.5KW

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