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DWH-30 30m³ VOC and Formaldehyde Emission Testing Climate Chamber

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1.Scope of Application
      This product is mainly used for detecting formaldehyde emission ,VOC emission for furnitures, wood-based panel,indoor decoration and home appliance.That is true  of test  environment of ASTME1333,ISO16000-9,EN717-1,ANSI/BIFMA X7.1-2007 Standards.

2.Technical Parameters
①Temperature:  Range:(10~40)℃
Adjustment Precision:±0.5℃
Measurement Accuracy:±0.2℃
Rate of Temperature Variation≥0.2℃/min
Adjustment Precision:±3%R.H.
Measurement Accuracy:±2%R.H.
③Air Velocity:
Range:6m3~60m3/h (Air Exchange Rate:0.2~2Pcs/h,Stepless Adjustment.)
Adjustment Precision:Air Volume±1%
Measurement Accuracy:±0.01m3/h
④Face Velocity:On Horizontal,Total Cross-Section Air Circulation, Air Rate(0.1~0.3)m/s,Precision≤0.05m/s
⑤Dimension(Interior):30m³(Designed by actual site);
⑦Tightness: At Static,1KPa,Leakage Rate≤1×10-3 m3/min
⑧Heat Preservation Box: Thickness of Polyurethane Board:120mm,
Exterior:White Painted Steel Plate;
Interior:304 Stainless Steel Board
⑨Clean Gas
No Load State:Backgroud Concentration of Formaldehyde<0.006mg/m3 ,Backgroud Concentration of TVOC<0.02mg/m³。Single Backgroud Concentration of TVOC<0.002mg/m3
 After gas enter :Concentration of Formaldehyde≤0.006 mg/m3 ,Single Concentration of TVOC≤0.002 mg/m3 ,Concentration of TVOC≤0.02 mg/m3
⑩All of the test conditions reach to the balance within 4 hours after starting.
①Room Temperature Range:(15~30)ºC
②Humidity ≤80%
③Environment:Non-shock Non-corrosiveness, No Strong Magnetic Interference
④Voltage: 380V,Three-phase Four-wire System,Fluctuating range≤±10% of Nominal Voltage;Power:30KW
⑤Horizontal Installation on Solid Foundation
⑥Dimension:( Can be designed according to customer’s requirements & Actual site
Interior Dimension(Studio):W3250mm×H2200mm×L4200mm
Dimension of Testing Chamber:W4294mm×H2844mm×L4784mm
Dimension of Testing Chamber Door:2006×1606mm(W×H)
Dimension of Doorway:1500×1900(W×H)
Dimension of Auxiliary Door:900×1900(W×H)


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